1. The Kent Youth League rules, where applicable, together with the following exceptional and additional rules shall apply.

2. Each competition shall be conducted on cup tie principles and shall be compulsory open to all clubs competing in the Kent Youth Football League. The dates of the cup games are conference dates and are subject to change only in very exceptional circumstances.

3. All players must be registered, with the Leagues registration Secretary and must be bona fide members of the club they represent. A player shall not play for more than one club in the competition including A & B sides. Players must be registered separately in U18,
U16, U15, U14 and U13 sections.

4. Except by special permission of the League Council, only players that have played in three League and/or cup games in the current season shall be eligible for the semi -finals & final tie.

5. In all rounds, in the event of the scores being level at the end of the required length of play - U18's 90 minutes, U16s & U15's 80 minutes, U14's & U13's 70 minutes, two equal periods of extra time will be played. U18's, 15 minutes each way, U16's & U15's is 10
minutes each way and U14's & U13's is 5 minutes each way. If the tie is still level after extra time, the winners will be decided by the taking of kicks from the penalty mark in accordance with the International Board decision contained within the laws of the game.

6. Substitutes should be dealt with in accordance with Standard League rules 10G.

7. The net proceeds of the final tie shall be paid to the competition and the profits arising from the competition, shall be dealt with by the Management Committee at their discretion.

8. A club shall not be allowed to withdraw from the competition. Any club infringing this rule or failing to fulfil its fixtures, shall be liable to a fine, not exceeding £70.

9. In all Cup Final Ties each competing club will receive 100 tickets at £3 each on a sale or return basis. The payment and return of the tickets must be received on the day of the Final otherwise the full amount will be due. Admission for all Finals on the day will be £6 Adults £3 Senior Citizens and Children.

10. Any matters not covered by the existing rules, shall be decided by the Kent Youth League Management Committee.

11. Any club playing an unregistered or otherwise ineligible player in the competition may be removed from the competition, and fined a sum to be decided by the League Management Committee


The Kent Youth League and cup rules, where applicable, together with the following exceptional and additional rules shall apply.

1. Qualification & registration of players a) only those players who are eligible to take part as per rule 8 may play in this competition

b) All players must sign a Kent Youth League registration form before playing unless they have already signed one. Except those clubs being invited into the competition who will pay a block registration fee of £25.00 and complete Kent Youth League Paper work as provided.

c) Non-contract players may be registered up to the time of kick off providing the registration form is correctly completed and countersigned by an opposing team official.

d) Receipt of the registration forms, shall be acknowledged by the registration secretary by return to the club of the registration slip. Where this is not received by the club within ten days of the despatch of the registration forms, the clubs shall advise the registration secretary

e) Any bona fide player of the club, shall be allowed to take part in the competition, but no player shall be allowed to play for more than one club in this competition in the current season, but the players of any team may be changed during the series of matches. If a Club enters more than one team, players who have played for team (A) cannot then play for team (B) and vice versa.

f) In the case of replayed matches only those players shall be allowed to play who were eligible to play on the date fixed for the original match.

g) If the committee has any doubt as to the qualification or age of any player taking part in this competition, it has powers to call upon such a player or the club to which he belongs, or for which he played, to prove that he is qualified to the rules by production of his birth certificate or other documentary evidence.

h) Any club playing an unregistered or otherwise ineligible player in this competition may be removed from the competition and fined a sum to be decided by the League Management Committee.

i) All clubs who are not Kent Youth League members must supply the names of the team manager, coach if applicable and first aider to the registration secretary 7 days before the any fixture.

j) Any points, not covered by these rules, shall be decided by the League Management Committee

2. Fixtures

a) All matches shall be mutually arranged, priority being given to FA and County FA competitions. No matches are to be played on Wednesdays unless both clubs are in agreement.

The home team should offer their opponents 2 dates for the date of the game. If the opponent chooses not to accept either of the two dates offered, the matter is to be referred to the Competition Secretary for a decision to be made.

b) Where a match is postponed, the home club shall contact the Match Officials and the secretary of the opposing club. They should also send confirmation of the postponement to the Leagues Fixtures secretary.

c) When the date for playing the tie has been mutually agreed, between the two clubs, the home side must immediately notify the League's Fixture Secretary.

d) At least 14 days, before the match the home club must send details of the ground etc including directions both by road & public transport their opponents and all match officials. Each of the latter should acknowledge receipt of these instructions immediately.

e) All matches shall be decided on the day, i.e. extra time and penalties where necessary.
(see cup rule 6)

3. Finance

a) In the Final tie, all next proceeds shall be paid into League funds.

Proposed Conduct of Debate and League Standing Orders

All meetings of the League shall be presided over by the Chairman or, in his absence, the Vice-Chairman.

In the absence of both the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, the members of the Management Committee present shall elect a Chairman who shall be the senior member being present. This shall not apply to a Sub-Committee who shall elect their Chairman at the first meeting of the season. Any Chairman so appointed shall have the full privileges attached to the Chairman's position, in the conduct of proceedings at the meeting in question.

Every member attending a meeting of the League shall before taking part in the business of such a meeting sign his or her name in the attendance register provided by the Chief Executive.

The business on the agenda shall be proceeded with in such order as the Chairman may direct.

The Chief Executive shall be responsible for compiling the agenda of all meetings. Any member wishing an item to be added shall notify the Chief Executive 10 days' prior to the full meeting of the League Council. The Chairman may, at his discretion, advance or postpone any item appearing on the agenda at any stage of the proceedings.
Members when speaking must always address the Chair. Members addressing the meeting shall speak directly on the motion under discussion, or to an explanation on a question of order. Should the Chairman rise during debate, a member speaking or offering to speak
should immediately be silent in order that the Chairman may speak without interruption.
No speech or point to exceed two minutes in length without the consent of the Chairman.
The Chairman may call the attention of the meeting to continued irrelevance, tedious repetition, unbecoming language, or any breach of order on the part of a member and may direct such a member if speaking to discontinue his speech. In the event of disregard of the authority of the Chair, the Chairman shall have the right to ask the offending member to leave the meeting.

No member shall address the meeting more than once on any motion or amendment, the mover of the original motion may, however, reply, but he shall strictly confine himself to answering the previous speakers, and shall not introduce any new matter into the debate, the right of reply shall not extend to the mover of an amendment, which having been carried has become the substantive motion. After the reply the question shall be put forthwith.
No minute shall be rescinded, unless prior notice is given to the Chief Executive in writing, and it shall only be rescinded by a two-thirds majority of those who attended the previous meeting and voted thereat.

The Chief Executive shall be completely responsible for the administration of the Competition and the preparation of all agendas and shall give members as much notice of meetings as possible.

The ruling of the Chairman on any matter shall be final and not open to discussion at that meeting.

The minutes of all Sub-Committees and Full-Committees shall be reported for consideration at the following Full Meeting of the League Council.

Ballot votes shall at all times be at the discretion of the Chairman. The Chief Executive shall have the power to co-opt any member of the League Council to fill vacancies of members unable to attend the Sub-Committees.

The Chairman in his discretion shall have the right to set up a Commission of Enquiry, with such powers as he deems necessary, if in his view the circumstances appear to justify an enquiry.

Should there not be a quorum at any meeting, the Chairman or Acting Chairman may order the business to proceed and decisions taken will be subject to ratification at the next meeting.


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